Restaurant Menu

  • Almost Heaven Burger– local grass-fed beef stuffed with reduced-fat cheddar cheese, topped with local lettuce, pickles, on a local brioche bun. served with roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Seasonal Stirfry– brown rice, local squash, local zucchini, red peppers, red onions and house-made stirfry sauce.
  • Roasted Veggie & Hummus Wrap– slow roasted seasonal veggies, pasture-raised chicken eggs, house-made hummus and reduced-fat mozzarella in a whole wheat wrap.
  • Fall Harvest Salad– mixed local greens, local cucumbers, local microgreens, chopped walnuts, seasonal veggies, pasture-raised roasted chicken, goat cheese feta. served with our house-made apple pie moonshine vin.
  • Seasonal Cobb Salad– local lettuces, pasture-raised chicken eggs, reduced-fat mozzarella, low-sodium turkey bacon, blistered bell peppers, local microgreens. served with side of ranch, balsamic or house-made apple pie moonshine vin.



  • Spicy Pulled Chicken Wrap– pasture-raised roasted chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, local lettuces, reduced-fat mozzarella, local microgreens, local cucumbers wrapped in spinach/wheat wrap.
  • Farm Fusion Lomein– local spiraled zucchini/squash sauteed with red cabbage, red peppers, red onions, heirloom baby carrots in our house-made farm fusion sauce.
  • Apple-Smoked Heritage Pork Sandwich– chopped heritage breed Red Wattle & Tamworth pork smoked and slow roasted with local moonshine-infused apples and onions. topped with a choice of either our house-made apple pie moonshine sauce or house-made beer bbq sauce. served with mashed baby red potatoes.
  • yeahTHATjambalaya– local pasture-raised roasted chicken, local pasture-raised chicken sausage, onions, bell peppers, celery, carrots, tomatoes served over brown rice.
  • Toasted Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap– pasture-raised chicken, low-sodium turkey bacon, reduced-fat mozzarella, red onions, local lettuces, microgreens wrapped in a whole wheat wrap.

ADD ONS (can be added to any dish)
– grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, seared tofu, pasture-raised chicken egg, heritage duck egg, gluten free bun

Farm Fit Menu
(farm-to-table build-your-own bowl)

** please choose ONE from EACH of sections below to make bowls**

* Choose Size Of Protein Choice: King (7oz) or Queen (4oz)

* Choose One Protein: Pasture-raised chicken, Grass-fed beef, Seared tofu, Apple-smoked pork, Hormone-free ground turkey

* Choose One Carbohydrate: Smashed baby red potatoes, Roasted sweet potatoes, Brown rice

* Choose One Vegetable: Sauteed squash/zucchini or carrots  (availability subject to change with availability and season)

** All Farm Fits are topped with an over easy egg (can be cooked hard if requested)

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Farm Fresh Fast’s mission is to help health-conscious professionals in need of something fresh, balanced and convenient to eat during their hectic workdays. Often, our habits and lifestyles limit us from eating right consistently; Farm Fresh Fast’s vision is to make it easy for people to eat smart and lead a healthy lifestyle. We cook all of our meals with fresh ingredients and deliver them daily before lunch time. Every meal is developed by a certified nutritionist and a chef to guarantee freshness, balanced nutrition, and quality. Our clients can choose from a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack meal options!

Our regular menu is heart smart: low calorie, low sodium, and no sugar added. We can also customize menus for low carb, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and other dietary restrictions or guidelines. Our menus are displayed on the Menu Page and can be changed for any option by clicking and selecting a new option.

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