We want you to know where your food comes from

We are committed to sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our local farming partners, and we include them in the planning process. We are huge advocates of sustainable, ethical farming and the growth of the farm-to-table movement here in the Upstate. Welcome to our #FarmFam. We're so glad you're here!


We believe food is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to provide delicious, fresh meals made with local produce and local, hormone-free proteins!  We offer a full-service restaurant in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC as well as a meal prep service where we can prepare gourmet, locally and responsibly-sourced meals for you to have conveniently all week! We also take food to the Next Level – our signature method of transforming gourmet comfort dishes and sweets into meals and "Clean Cheats" you can eat every day, guilt-free.