Meal Prep

Greenville's Farm-to-Table Meal Prep

1. Choose meal plan 

2. Send meal selections with quantities of each meal to

3. Pick up meals through pickup window Mondays 11am-9pm

Meal Selection Due On 10/13 For Pickup On 10/18

____ Turkey Meatloaf with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
____ Mongolian Beef w/ Broccoli and Rice
____ Honey Chipotle Pork w/ Carrots
____ Balsamic Chicken w/ Sweet Potatoes
____ Bibimbap
____ Ground Turkey Fajita Bowl

____ Farm Fit:  Choose from One Protein: Chicken, Turkey, Tofu

Choose Two Veggies:  Sweet Potatoes, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Squash, Mushrooms, Chickpeas

Our meals are thoughtfully sourced and crafted each week with the finest ingredients in the Upstate. Use our "Farm Fit" section to customize your own meals! We can accommodate all dietary needs under the guidance of our on-staff Registered Dietitian.

Bulk (40, 60, 80 meals): Save money by buying meals up front and use however you choose, whenever you choose. You can get how ever many you want per week.

Subscriptions: Customer pays for & chooses meals weekly with a convenient auto draft payment system. Cancellation anytime, no worries. Just turn off the auto draft on your Paypal account.

*No refunds will be given for meal prep orders. The meal prep credits never expire but can be transferred if necessary. If meals are not chosen by cutoff time, meals must be selected from variety of extras that are made and from Farm Fits. Those meal credits also may be carried over to the next week. *