This place is amazing. I've changed my eating habits and decided to try this place. The chef's are completely aware of what goes into the food they are preparing. Very friendly. Very helpful. Great tasting food.

Andre' Webb, 5 Stars

Seriously like nothing else I've seen, at least that's available in the Upstate of SC. Great food at an affordable price and AMAZING customer service. They do everything they can to make sure a customer's order is right. We have eaten in the restaurant and it was delicious, but we LOVE the meal prep. You WILL NOT find any other meal prep of this quality at this price point. And to top it all off it's local and healthy?!?! I just love it.

Alex Moore, 5 Stars

I was invited to lunch here. I didn't know what to expect at first.....and now I know I can never look at a burger the same way again. Best burger I've had. Great service and the staff was welcoming and true rock stars in the kitchen. Excited to try other menu items when I return.
The sweet potatoes are the BOMB!

Justin Ashley, 5 Stars